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Pacific Financial Mortgage Rate Switch – An Informative Guide

If you’re searching for a swift and cost-free solution to switch to a better mortgage, consider a Product Transfer. With Pacific Financial, your mortgage Product Transfer can be effortlessly completed in as little as 15 minutes through a single phone call to Pacific Financial. 

Pacific Financial is trusted by numerous customers each month to handle their mortgage Product Transfers. The benefits of opting for a mortgage Product Transfer include:

  1. Completely free service – no broker or processing fees.
  2. No underwriting or property valuation required, as the mortgage amount remains the same and you remain with the same provider.
  3. No credit search is conducted.
  4. Swift process – just one phone call.
  5. Access to a variety of the latest fixed and discounted mortgage rates, even if you’re currently on the Standard Variable Rate (SVR).
  6. Early Repayment Fee waived if your existing mortgage has less than 3 months remaining.
  7. Adverse credit is not a hindrance, as long as your mortgage is up to date.

One of the key benefits is the ability to make a quick phone call and within 15 minutes, you could be on the lowest rate or a providers latest product that better suits your needs – all at no cost.

This 15-minute phone call could save customers on higher rates, particularly those on Standard Variable Rates (SVRs), hundreds of pounds each month, starting immediately.

Mortgage lenders offering Product Transfer products include Birmingham Midshires, Natwest, Godiva, Halifax, Nationwide, Barclays, Woolwich, Virgin Money, Accord Mortgages, Skipton Building Society, and more.

Even if you have an adverse credit score, it’s not a problem as long as your mortgage payments are up to date. A Product Transfer can still be accepted, offering relief for customers who may have experienced credit challenges.

For those struggling with high monthly credit outgoings, simply switching to a lower rate through a Product Transfer could result in significant monthly savings, often amounting to hundreds of pounds.

Certain products may have applicable fees, but these can be added to your mortgage, eliminating upfront costs. Moreover, the savings achieved from the new monthly payments often quickly offset such fees.

If you’re considering raising additional funds or exploring products from other lenders, a remortgage might be more suitable for your requirements.

Why Choose Pacific Financial to assist with your Mortgage Product Transfer?

Pacific Financial is the go-to choice for hundreds of customers every month for their Mortgage Product Transfers. They can offer products that may not be directly available when approaching the lender directly.

To discover the products currently available to you through a mortgage Product Transfer, call Pacific Financial today on 01282 420334 or complete our quick 2-minute form, and we will promptly provide you with a quote.

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